• Little HK at Baijiu (map)
  • 10359 104 Street Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T5J 1B9
  • Canada


Krug Champagne is a Champagne house founded by Joseph Krug in 1843. It is based principally in Reims, the main city in France's Champagne region and is one of the famous Champagne houses that formed part of the Grande Marques

With only 16 Seats avalible We are celebrating a night of beatiful vintages by Krug's

We will be doing a 12 Course tasting menu pared specifcally with different Krug Vintages, Tickets for this whole event are only 100$

Wine and Cocktails will also be avalbile for purchase by our friends at Little HK Tickets include tasting of Krug Grande Cuvey 166 and Krug Rose 21st Edition.

*There will be no dietary subsitutions or allergies accomidated, this dinner will have a heavy focus on seafood*

Libations will be provided by our wonderful friends at Little HK with cocktails and a Wine and Spirits list at the Ready.

About Little HK and Natasha Trowsdale & Andre Bober:

Little HK’s 16 seats Speak Easy hidden in the depths of Baiju restaurant. The bar at little HK specializes in very well crafted cocktails and spirits headed the night by the Team of Natasha Trowsdale and Andre Bober known for there dedication to their craft as bartenders and running the bar program for Baiju as well as being invoators in there field with the beloved Cocktail popup Speak Tiki 

About the Chefs:

Roger Letourneau

From Edmonton Alberta Canada, Roger is the executive chef of the award winning Edmonton Restaurant Bar Clementine has spent years developing his craft training for year in europe with increidlbe chefs such as Kobe Desramaults and Alain Senderens

As Chef of Bar Clemetine Roger Létourneau's menu utilises the best ingredients available with a connection to their place of origin. Each bite will invite contemplation as techniques of fermentation, smoking, pickling, and culturing bring a new, delicious experience to familiar foods.

David Leeder

From Edmonton, Alberta Canada. David's culinary history has taken him through many of Europes top kitchens. Starting his career working in San Sebastian Spain for Chef Martin Berasategui, later joining the teams at Noma/108 in Copehagen Denmark and working as Head Chef of famed Restaurant Frenchie in Paris France .

David has also partnered with Fare Magazine, a Glasgow-based publication, to do a series of pop-up dinners in Scotland called Fare Folk.

David now Resides as Head Chef of Woodwork Restaurant in partnership with Roger Letourneau